How to Buy?

You can place order on website, payment info will be sent by email after order placed

Why is my order on hold?

It means payment is not finished or pending confirmation. Contact our customer service to get more info.

Why is my order failed/cancelled?

It means payment is failed or order exceeds on hold time, if you still want to proceed your order, contact our customer service.

How many days is the shipping?

2 weeks for most of areas. Contact our customer service for approximate arrival time of specific order.

How long to process the order/to ship?

Usually in 2-3 days after payment received.

How much is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost will be calculated on checkout page based on your order items.

What if the package lost?

If the package is lost or encounter any other shipping problems, we will resend/refund.

What packaging is the package?

Single box for most of shoes, plastic bags for clothing.

Will my order be shipped in one package if I order more than 2 items?

They might be shipped in separate packages, and multiple tracking numbers will be provided after shipping.

Do you accept returns/refunds?

Check return policy.

Can I cooporate with you?

Contact our customer service.

Do you accept whosale or dropshipping?

For whosale, contact our customer service.

For dropshipping, use customer’s address to place order directly, we don’t put anything related to us.

Why types of payment methods do you accept?

All available payment methods will be listed on checkout page.

Why I still don’t receive my tracking number after some days?

A few items may take some time to restock and ship, if it can be restocked in a short time, we ill not give notification and will just ship when it’s restocked. Althrough sometimes item is out of stock after ordering, we will give notification and customer can replace with other items or get refund.

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